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Now it is worth taking a closer look at these topics. An in-depth interview is one of the tools in qualitative marketing research. What exactly is it for? What is an individual in-depth interview? “Individual in-depth interviews (…) are a conversation between the interviewer  and the respondent. The duration of such interviews varies between half and one and a half hours, longer interviews are rarely use. Individual interviews are usually recorde on audio cassette, so they do not require a professional studio.” Magdalena Nicińska writes in her work “Individual in-depth interviews and focuse group interviews.

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Małgorzata Nicpoń and Radosław Marzęcki from the University of Life Sciences in Krakow add that “it is most often use as a supplement to quantitative research or as an exploratory method before quantitative research It allows you to learn about database ways of thinking, experiencing, habits, gestures and motivations, systems of values ​​or dominant attitudes of the surveye people.” We recommend target group What is an in-depth interview use for? Individual in-depth interviews are use in political science research, for statistical purposes census) and in marketing.


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Such research may include, for example, a broader marketing audit . As part of it, the owner of the company also learns about the opinions of respondents or experts about it. During such a study, former and current customers, people from WS Database BR the target group, as well as the already mentione experts can be interviewe. On this basis, you will find out, for example, whether your communication strategy works. You will know what customers think about your prices or whether there is a demand for a given product. An experience interviewer is able to select a formula and conduct the survey appropriately. Yes, to obtain information that is difficult to obtain in any other circumstances.

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