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Humorous content is easy to understand, allows you to identify with brands more and quickly engage your circle of friends. A great example here are memes that you can use in your marketing activities. Since people like to share their knowlege, provide them with interesting information . The more unique and timely, the better. Post technical news, case studies, a handful of statistics – anything that is somehow relate to your business. Remember, however, that the trust of recipients in the content offere to them increases the more they are in contact with its source. Only 23% of people trust information obtaine from companies they have not bought anything from, while this number almost doubles if a transaction has taken place. Take care of relations with your recipients by offering them both a good.

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Product and efficient contact – then they will be more likely to share your posts. An important motive for people to share content is the nee to stay in touch database with others. When your audience learns something useful from you, they’ll probably thank you by sharing it with their friends. includes guides, tips, lists of useful tools, information about important events in the industry. When creating online content, consider how you want to reach your audience.


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Remember, however, that one entry does not have to refer to WS Database BR only one motivation. The same content may be attractive to some because of and their knowlege, while others will pass it on because they think it will be useful to their friends. 2. Beware of overly long content Don’t fall victim to TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read) – I don’t know how much trust your audience would have to trust you to share your content without reading it.

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