The upcoming season prates

This is a clear signal for fans on how they can mark their entries relate to the latest season. The second hashtag ‎NieŚpiszBoGoT promotes an event with a similar title – I don’t sleep because Game of Thrones! . This is the world premiere of season 6, which will take place at 3:00 am on April 24/25 on HBO and HBO GO. This is a great way to advertise the premiere of the series – over 5,000 people have already declare that they will take part in it. got7 5. Prize giving Fans love gadgets relate to the object of their interests. That’s why a contest on social meia to celebrate the premiere of the latest season of GoT, in which you can win a T-shirt or a board game from the world of the Seven Kingdoms, is a very smart move.

These steps drive promotion

This engages fans who nee to follow a few simple steps to participate. of the new season and allow the message to reach more people. got8 6. Online Latest Mailing Database game for fans Since the events describe in the saga, no one knows what will happen next. HBO took advantage of this fact and create the Battle of Guesswork . This is a site where, before each episode, you can bet on what will happen next for the characters. Participants of this game have virtual gold with which they bet on their tips and thus can multiply their resources with correct preictions or lose them for incorrect answers.

Latest Mailing Database

Will Sana and then escape

The person who makes the best use of their gold will receive the title Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. There are three questions waiting for fans at the WS Database BR loss: the  Boltons? Will Margaery confess her sins to the High Sparrow? Will Jorah and Daario find Daenerys? Want to test your intuition? You can play here . got9 In addition to the above activities, HBO takes care of contact with its customers. First of all, he responds very quickly and efficiently to comments poste on his fanpages.

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