Chat GPT users  know the limitations of the current model

So what will the search look like and what will change in the way the results are present. Two ways to search at once classic and chat Bing does not abandon. The classic model of interaction with the search engine. Instead. It adds a new. summary function from the search results and adds a Chat tab. Where you will be able to interact directly with the chat – as before by typing a query and getting a response.

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The summary function will be available only from the desktop level at the moment. You can see the new search method with the results in the video below Source syoutu be ozdWmzVtlQ The chat function looks like this Source syoutu bezhdwVdSFn In the video you can see how quickly the new model is able to generate phone number list answers. However, it is also worth mentioning a few quite significant changes and limitations The maimum length of the question can be characters – which should not be a limitation for an ordinary user.

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The sources will be display net to the answers – which is undoubtly an improvement when it comes to the possibility of verifying the data in the answer. The “summary” of the SERPs is the same every time in the given eamples Answers will be bas on a new “current model model” call “Prometheus” Improv model of GTP- . or Prometheus GTP- ?The largest of them is the scope of information held by the application until mid- . The language model introduc to Bing was call the Prometheus Model. It is suppos to be even better, respond more accurately and have up-to-date WS Database BR information. Automatic GA configuration – agree or resign.

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