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The standard is constant work with tools measuring website traffic or campaign effects. 3. You mentione that you use social meia monitoring tools. application for you? That is, do you use the data you receive to build communication with students, or is it more of a way to prevent potential crisis information? Brand24 at our University of Economics in Katowice has so far been mainly use to prevent crises, but its use is evolving day by day. Today, it is not only tracking all statements about the University, but also monitoring our university hashtags. This allows us to capture the most interesting posts from our students and then connect with them.

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The first step is to share a photo of a given user, then thank him for a great photo and tag him in the post. Another thing we do is search for photos that whatsapp mobile number list students use to, such as successfully defending their thesis. In posts like this, we congratulate them as a University. 4. monitoring? More on a “nice to have” basis, do you fully use its potential and possibilities, including it in systematic marketing activities and activations, as well as drawing information and students’ opinions from it? As I said, Brand24’s usage varies from month to month.

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What is your approach to internet

A tool that some time ago was just a curiosity  at the University, today becomes a tool of everyday use. In addition to constantly tracking what is being said WS Database BR about the University, we also use the tool during various types of actions or events. For example, we followe information about the College Ball. We also plan to launch monitoring during the upcoming 80th anniversary of the existence of the University of Economics in Katowice.

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