If they decide that your content adequately answers

You use not only the phrases that came to your mind at a given moment, but also the search results us by other users. In this way, you are able to comprehensively eplore the subject, receiving at least hints in the form of keywords relat to a given issue. Using similar searches in SEO and marketing How will you use similar searches for SEO? It’s a great base for finding the best-ranking keywords and phrases. Google gives you on a platter what Internet users are most often and most eagerly looking for in a given topic.

What Should You Remember

It indicates which keywords are worth using for your website to be display in search results for a specific term. Google’s suggestions are therefore helpful when planning content creating product descriptions, blog or epert articles. Thanks to them, you get ready-made long-tail phrases or keywords that will direct users to whatsapp mobile number list your website. All this will help you create even more reliable and comprehensive content on a given topic. Google and similar searches are a ready source of inspiration for an article title or even a whole series of articles or a headline. Thanks to them you will find out what topics are currently popular and what Internet users are looking for.

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Customer Knowledge As A Basic Marketing Task

It is worth mentioning that well-optimiz content on the website will also be appreciat by Google algorithms. the queries enter by users in the search engine, then your website will be more  visible in search results for a given term. And this is a step away from gaining a new consumer! Know the user’s intentions! Google’s suggestions also reveal the intentions of Internet users. It is from them that you will find out whether your potential customer is interest WS Database BR in buying a given product or service. Or maybe it is currently at the stage of searching and comparing offers.

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